A Child Called It

By Myra Fierro

What happens to little boys who don't listen?

What happens to little boys who don't listen?

The book, A Child Called It,  by Dave Pelzer will make you change the way you look at life. This autobiography brought out such poignant emotions in a reader as it did for Pelzer. The author explains his relationship with his mother and the rest of his family, and how he lived in a basement. Many would think of our mother as our best friends, but in his case Pelzer’s mother was his enemy. The author explains how he lived through the hardest times of his childhood. Some of the things I think were hard for Pelzer are having to go to school with the same clothes everyday, or steal from a supermarket just so he won’t die of hunger, and put up with being abused by his mother! I think the author is not to blame, but it’s his mother’s fault. He was hit and even punched if he didn’t do what his monster of a mother said! He was forced not to tell anyone, even when he went to the nurse and was asked what happened. If he did say something, his mother would show him what happens to boys who don’t listen. He was not only abused physically, but emotionally as well. For Pelzer, it was a battle of survival.


10 responses to “A Child Called It

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  2. kirstian harris

    I’ve read this book my self and i belive it is an awsome book and that the person who wrote this review was dead on in describing it. I would definatly recomed it to anyone.

  3. a child called it is a really good story i have read it to. i think that david had the courage to live with his mother a long time and take all of her hits she would give him. i think the secound book is even better.

  4. Wow! Makes me want to read the book. =)

  5. Abigail Ramos

    I meeting this teather about a classroom rules it was good peolpe.

  6. I read the book. It made me cry, also very angery. But it was still a good book

  7. Desiree Hopkins

    I might check it out. ^_~


  9. This is a really well-written review. Man, say THAT five times fast :] anyway, this was really good. I myself have never read this book, but from your review it sounds really interesting and it makes me want to read the book.

    “Hey, someone wrote me the same review!”

  10. Fresh Ink Coordinator

    Excellent review. You do a good job balancing the book’s summary and giving your own opinion. This is not easy to do! You have a strong natural writing voice. I hope you keep writing these kinds of reviews!

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